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Is A Website Really Necessary?
Is A Website All
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Here are a few common questions that you may have ... and our answers to them:


Questions (click on question to see answer, or scroll below):

What are the options for having a website (I know some are free), so why should I hire G&L Designs to do mine instead?

Why should most - if not all - businesses have a website?

Is a website all I need?

How would a Website fit into my overall marketing plan?

I've heard that it costs at least a couple thousand dollars to have a custom Website
built, is that true?

Can I have my own email address that includes my business name at the end?
(example: sales@yourwebaddress.com)

How soon can my Website be activated?

Will G&L update my Website as needed, and what about maintenance plans?

How do we get started?

A1: Compare website options:

(Click on underlined text below for further explanation!)Typical "Free" Web Hosting ServicesTypical "Premium" Online Web Hosting ServicesGnl logo medium 
Web Hosting Services Free BUT Extremely Limited. YOU Design your own websites.Costs vary AND Features Are Still Limited.Very Competitive Pricing, Personalized Service, Many Available Features 
Pre-made Templates Very Limited & Layout Is Not Customizable Limited & Layout Is Not Customizable No Templates...
Customized Website! 
Number of Website Pages Usually 3 to 5 

Limited, Based on Storage Space You Purchased 

Irritating Ads & Pop-up Windows Yes SometimesNever!
Space Available for Website As little as 20MBLimited... Variable Depending on Package PurchasedUnlimited!
BandwidthVery LimitedUsually LimitedUnlimited!
Services Name as Part of Your Website Name Yes SometimesNever!
Shopping Cart Availability NoSometimes (With More Costly Packages)Available!
 Detailed Website Statistics No MaybeYES!
Other Add-Ons AvailabilityNoVery LimitedAvailable!
Support Email OnlyVaries with Cost or Level of ServiceNo Support Needed...
We Handle It All!
Search Engine Optimization Limited Or None LimitedOptimized!
Mailroom ServicesNoProbably NotMultiple Customized Email Addresses Availaible!
Who Actually Has to Design, and Upload Your Website! YOU Do!YOU Do!We Do It All!
No time consuming headaches for you.

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A2: When the Internet was in it's infancy, some people thought that if you had a Website, you would become famous and customers would come rushing in the door throwing money at the business owner. That wasn't true then, and it isn't true now. However, the business world today is much different than then.

Early on, the Internet was somewhat of an undeveloped curiosity. Only a comparatively small amount of people had access, and connection speeds were slow and unreliable. We used to use the telephone yellow pages to find products and services. Today, yellow page ads are decreasing and some directory companies have even gone out of business.  Now, most people will consult the internet to find products, evaluations, services, and a huge variety of information.

The advent of smart phones brings that searching power to the public - away from their computers. If your vehicle breaks down, you can search "closest XYZ dealer" near a city  on a smart phone and quickly find a shop to repair your vehicle. You can find almost any other business - near or far - IF they have a Website.

Many people will also visit a Website to find out - anonymously - about a business. It's a convenient way of browsing products and services without the worry of being hounded or pushed by a salesperson. If they like what they see, customers will contact or visit the business.

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A3: No. A Website is part of your complete marketing program. Having only a Website will not promote your business or organization to its fullest potential. You still need to advertise using other avenues such as print, radio, or others.

Websites, however, represent the least expensive way to advertise - 24/7. The "other" advertising choices are effective only when they are seen in print or heard on radio or TV. The people who want to know about your business or organization can access your Website when they want it...even at 3 a.m. when you are sleeping!

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A4: Print and media advertising can be very expensive. The amount of space or time that you can afford limits what information you can share. Use your Website to expand on the products, services, and information that want made available to your public.

When you advertise in print or media, remember to always mention you Web address. Provide the public with a way to find you when they need you.

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A5: Possibly, IF you need a site that extensive. Some Web designers may say you need "X" number of pages including, for example, a homepage (any Website has to have a homepage), a mission statement page, products, services, and on and on.

G&L understands that small businesses and organizations simply may not need, and can not afford that kind of Website. We take into account the type of business you have and what you are trying to get across to current or potential customers. We can make suggestions on what we think would be most beneficial for you at the present time. Of course, you have the final word. You can start with just a few pages to get things going and give you a Web presence, if that's what you want. We are a small business too. We realize that money doesn't grow on trees ... businesses and organizations have to watch their expenses too.

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A6: You most certainly can! We encourage you do that. The more professional your business or organization appears, the better. Using an email address from a free Webmail service or even a personal email does not look as professional. An email address that uses your Website name (i.e. "yourname@yourwebaddress.com" or "sales@yourwebaddress.com") is more authoritative. It even more strengthens that you are a legitimate, solid organization that is well-organized and stable.
We can have these domain (yourwebaddress.com) email addresses forwarded to your personal email address, or, have your business emails sent and received from your domain mailroom.

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A7: Usually, we can have a placeholder homepage for your site up and running in a week or two, sometimes sooner. Your complete functional Website will take longer to launch. We'll work with you to create the Webpage that you want and will launch it as soon as you approve the design.

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A8: Yes we will!

Unlike someone that might build a website for you, and then graduate, move away, or just become uninterested or unavailable, we'll be here to service your website.

And unlike some web designers that insist that you have a maintenance contract, we give you the options. We can maintain your Website on an "as needed" basis or we can arrange various levels of maintenance for you. It all depends on your needs. We will keep your Website current and save you money! 

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A9: Think about what you might like for your website. Do you have favorite colors, hobbies, or other things that you might like incorporated into the theme or design of a Website. Contact us and we will be glad to help you with your decisions and get you on the Web.

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